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Sus Arepas is the culmination of Colombian tradition and Los Angeles culture coming together to bring a food experience unique to an already very diverse L.A. food market. 

Santiago Restrepo Sus
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Jennifer Lee
Lola Restrepo Lee



Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. Living in Los Angeles since 1987. Santiago brings his Arepa making knowledge handed down to him from his mother and grandmother and hopes to introduce Los Angeles to a food tradition dating back hundreds of years from the indigenous tribes of Colombia and Venezuela



Born and raised in Koreatown in the heart of Los Angeles where her family owns a restaurant built from the ashes of the LA Riots. Jennifer grew up in the kitchen helping however she could at her family's restaurant, and now she is excited to incorporate her culture and skills to Sus Arepas.


Loves belly rubs and chicken treats. Not here to make any friends

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